Opinion: Chakwera Admits Failure




The front page from one of the country’s newspaper carried a headline on Monday 25 December 2025 that President Reverend Lazarus Chakwera admits this year’s Christmas is subdued as Malawians are yet to recover from the impact of the 44 percent devaluation of the Kwacha which has seen prices of commodities jumping through the roof.

In all fairness, I was expecting President Reverend Lazarus Chakwera would resign after admitting hiccups which he has failed to address for all the three years . It is unfortunate that the President cannot resign after failing to achieve his own appraisal. The final decision is for Malawians not to give him another contract in 2025.

However, the truth is that President Reverend Lazarus Chakwera won’t resign but I keep asking myself; Why did Chakwera promise he would resign after two years in government if he fails to deliver what he promised Malawians?

The President starts his argument that he cannot resign on economic failure because the whole world is struggling economically. That’s my understanding of his Christmas message.

Challenging World Economy

The world economy faces the risk of a prolonged period of subpar growth. Medium-term prospects for global growth are clouded by scarring from the pandemic, the ever-worsening impact of climate change, and structural macroeconomic challenges, such as weak investment and mounting debt vulnerabilities.

The global economy is under pressure from multiple complex and interconnected crises. These challenges—which include inflation, climate change, the war in Europe, supply chain disruptions and the COVID-19 pandemic, to name a few—have coalesced into what experts have called a “polycrisis.”

Then the President tries to shift the blame to the inequalities between the rich and the poor but he forgets he had become among the rich people he is talking about. Obviously how do you blame the rich over the liberty of the or people? I don’t seem to understand this concept where the President is talking to us about the inequalities between the rich and the poor as if we are discussing human rights begin violated by someone. Does Reverend Lazarus Chakwera think his government will bridge the gap between the two sides? How do you do that?

Inequalities between the rich and the poor

Economic inequality (also known as the gap between rich and poor, income inequality, wealth disparity, or wealth and income differences) consists of disparities in the distribution of wealth (accumulated assets) and income.

The top 1% now own more wealth than the bottom 92%, and the 50 wealthiest Americans own more wealth than the bottom half of American society – 165 million people.

It seems to me President Reverend Lazarus Chakwera is trying to justify to Malawians why he won’t resign otherwise the inclusion of all these arguments into his speech is baseless and meaningless. The best that Chakwera would have done was simply to announce his resignation on the day of his Christmas message because his message lacks hope and encouragement.


In conclusion, Resignation in politics is a personal decision to exit a position, though outside pressure exists in many cases. Richard Nixon resigned from the office of President of the United States in August 1974 following the Watergate scandal, when he was almost certain to have been impeached by the United States Congress. President Reverend Lazarus Chakwera must resign because he promised to deliver within the two years failure which he would quit State House. All in all, Chakwera has failed to deliver his promises to the people of Malawi despite the economic hardships world wide, therefore he must resign ! That’s my your opinion, what do you think?

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