Shapiro Khimi bails out Rumphi East Constituency with an Ambulance Boat


Shapiro Khimi bails out Rumphi East Constituency with an Ambulance Boat


Due to bad condition of the road from Chiweta to Ntcharo in Rumphi East Constituency has forced one of the daughter’s of the area Florence Shapiro Khimi currently based in Australia, to generously donate state-of-the-art ambulance boat to her community to enhance emergency response there.

The boat will serve communities from the areas of Msuku-Tcharo to Chisanga and Chiweta in Rumphi South East where she comes from.

This significant donation is a testament to Khimbi’s dedication to the well-being of her community and the safety of its residents.

The ambulance boat will play a crucial role as a resource for providing swift and efficient emergency medical services, particularly in areas with challenging access.

An uncle to Shapiro Khimbi, McDonald Mwafulirwa has expressed his gratitude, saying the family is please that their daughter has taken an initiative of saving lives in an area where transport is an issue.

“Our daughter is not reach, but she has taken a step ahead in saving lives of the people,more especially expectant mothers who would want to deliver in a proper hospital in Livingstonia or the district’s hospital,” he said.

As a registered nurse/midwife, Khimbi recognizes the importance of ensuring pregnant women and under-five children have access to higher medical facilities than Tcharo Health Centre.

Consequently, the boat will assist patients from the aforementioned areas at an affordable fee, to be collectively agreed upon by the community, facilitating the direct transfer of patients and/or funerals from/to Msuku-Mlowe or even to Chiweta and Chitimba, where they can connect with road transport.

This generous donation reflects Khimbi’s profound concern for the community’s welfare and emphasizes the significance of collaboration between private individuals and public services.

The ambulance boat donation stands as an exemplary illustration of how individual initiatives can have a lasting impact on community resilience and preparedness.

Speaking during the hand over ceremony Traditional Authority Mwamlowe thank the family where Florence from.

“Am here representing three departments, representing District Commission, District Health Officer and as Traditional Authority,

“It’s not easy at all and let me thank the family where Florence from, we don’t her plans but she is doing a good job helping community, my advice is let’s keep it safe and maintain its condition, As Chiefs we are not politicians we receive everything that comes in our area, I hear that she will also help the area with another Car Ambulance that will work hand in hand with this boat,” said Mwamlowe.

Representing the Khumbi family Mc Donald Mwafulirwa said the boat is not belong to a person or chief.

“As a family we thank God that Florence donate this boat as she promised before, this boat is not belongings to anyone this is for community and the community will be In-Charge of this boat, We are not doing campaign but the heart she have especially when she see women’s suffering during delivery time touches her to think of this donation,” said Mwafulirwa.

The boat that cost about K4.5 million will operate between Msuku-Tcharo and Mlowe, covering regions under both TA Mwamlowe and Sub TA Chapinduka. TA Mwamlowe encompasses 48 chiefs from Chisanga to Nkhombwa, while Sub TA Chapinduka includes 108 chiefs from Msuku to Chisanga.

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