“Is the President Dead'” ready for Premiere



After the technical difficulties that led to the cancellation of the initial premiere of ‘Is the President Dead?’ in Lilongwe and postponement in Blantyre , Gosm Films has announced that the highly anticipated movie will now premiere on December 23rd at Amaryllis in Blantyre.

The Movie Director Isaac Misoya has reassured the public that the technical issues which caused the postponement in Lilongwe and Blantyre are now successfully resolved.

Misoya further expressed confidence that the upcoming premiere in Blantyre will provide a great experience for all attendees.

“We have diligently addressed the technical fault that caused the cancellation of the ‘Is the President Dead?’ premiere in Lilongwe,and postponement in Blantyre,” stated Misoya.

“I want to assure all people that we have taken every measure to ensure a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience in Blantyre.”

Misoya also revealed that resolving the technical issues incurred a cost of one million kwacha for the team.

Despite the setback, the director remains optimistic about the film’s reception and is eager to share it with the audience.

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