Mzuzu Police commits to reduce motorcycle accidents during coming festivities


Mzuzu Police Traffic Office in conjunction with Community Policing Services branch had a senstization meeting with kabanza bicycle operators which was held at St John of God- Chibavi junction.

The program was aimed at sensitising the kabanza operators on road safety tips as we draw closer to christmas and new year festivities. More that 100 kabanza operators were available during the meeting.

Operators were warned on overspeeding , ride and drive, overloading following traffic rules and regulations just to mention a few.

In his remarks Mzuzu Station Traffic officer Assistant Superintendent Stewart Maunje challenged the kabanza operators that it is possible to have accident free festive season this year, however, this can be possible only when they comply to traffic rules and regulations.

He said most of the accidents are avoidable only that operators overlook some necessary tips when using the road like bicycle fitness, tires, breaks, reflectors as well as bulbs.

He further advised them not to use headset or using a cell phone when riding as it steals their sanity on the road. Adding on this he urged them to use traffic signs properly like zabra crossing.

Mzuzu Station Community Policing Coordinator Inspector Adson Mapanda, explained crime overview during festive season.

Mapanda warned the operators on the effects of operating during old hours saying most of the people are robbed due to this malpractice.

He further urged them not to carry criminals simply because of a lamp sum of money however they should think of their lives first.

Lastly he urged them to report any incident and suspicious people to police.

The program was also live on Police FM program known as Malangizo a pa msewu.

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