Ken Msonda proves to error is human at Mutharika’s feet



Member of the DPP National Governing Council (NGC) Ken Msonda, has proved that there are no permanent enemies in politics by declaring his support to Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika with a vow that DPP will bounce back into government in 2025.

Ken Msonda is being regarded as the strongest critic of Mutharika making many Malawians linking him to joining the MCP led government alongside others such as Kondwani Nankhumwa, Grezelder Jeffrey, Nicholas Dausi, among others.

Msonda has all the time been in the camp of DPP B led by Kondwani Nankhumwa supporting injunctions against injunctions stopping the DPP from moving forward and it was not surprising that many Malawians suspected DPP B as funded by the MCP led government.

Speaking at the start of the DPP NGC meeting held in Mangochi on Wednesday, visibly angry Professor Mutharika, said some of the members of the Party are insulting him everyday especially Ken Msonda telling him openly that he is not a member of the DPP.

Mutharika told the meeting that Msonda came from the Peoples Party (PP) to destroy the DPP inviting him that if he did not like the DPP, he should go back to PP where he belonged with an advice to him, not destroy the DPP.

“You are not even a member of DPP, if you don’t like this party, go back to the PP where you belong to,” he said.

Ken Msonda thanked Professor Mutharika for being so loving and caring father saying all Malawians had been waiting forwards the holding of the NGC meeting observing that had it been that Mutharika was someone, he could not allow the NGC meeting to take place because of the insults which were directed to him every day.

He appealed to all DPP members to forget about the past and start focusing on the future arguing that no political party can win elections with a divided house saying with Mutharika’s confirmation that he will stand at the elective conference, the DPP will bounce back into government in 2025.

On the claims that he should go back to his former party- the PP, Msonda said he has been in MCP, UDF, and DPP saying he has no point of turning back, his party is DPP and will contest for the position of the party’s Vice President for the North.

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