Agness Katengeza Murder Suspect Arrested


Police in Lilongwe have arrested Amos Katengeza, 27, on suspicion that he orchestrated and actively participated in the brutal murder of Agnes Katengeza, 44, a network administrator at the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

Katengeza was found dead in her official Sportage car in September this year, behind Gateway Mall.

According to Lilongwe police spokesperson Hastings Chigalu, the suspect is a brother to the deceased from another family and was staying together with her before the murder.

The suspect is also said to have been the one who reported Katengeza missing to police.

Police investigators have seized ENVY HP laptop, an iPhone 13 mini cellphone which he sold in Mozambique, an iPad, a power bank, expandable luggage, and a carton containing cosmetics all belonging to the deceased.

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Facts are that, since the time when the incident happened, SCIO LIlongwe police station and party had been gathering intelligence intensively from various sources. On 07/12/23 the team went to Blantyre tracing iphone 6, property of deceased which was stolen from the house of deceased almost four months prior to the incident. The aim was to get the phone and retrieve some perceived useful information from its hard drive.

Whilst in Blantyre. the team landed into the hands of a phone technician who admitted to have recieved the wanted Iphone 6. He further disclosed that he wiped out the icloud account of the phone bearing the name of the deceased. Upon intensive interviews, he mentioned to have recieved Iphone 13, Ipad and laptop and wiped passwords however, all gadgets had the deceased’s icloud accounts. He pointed out the suspect as the one accountable for all the gadgets.

Investigations team launched manhunt of the suspect and successfully arrested him at Blanytre market. Upon searching his bag, he was found with Ipad and power bank all properties of the deceased robbed during murder incident. Suspect was adamant to disclose where he sold laptop though the team managed to recover the ENVY HP laptop from a certain business man within Blantyre market who pointed that he received the same from the suspect.

The chance to recover Iphone 13 min was very slim since suspect couldn’t say anything and the phone was not in the network systems within Malawi. However, through a well coordinated network of informats, the team discovered that the phone was sold at Maputo in Mozambique using an agent based at Namwera in mangochi. Effort was made to retrieve the phone back to Malawi and now in the hands of investigators. The phone was also sold by same suspect at K500,000.00

Preliminary inquiry discovered that suspect was party to the offence. He has voluntarily admitted to have taken an active part in the brutal murder of the deceased. The call log of his phone number clearly showed that he was at the site where the body of the deceased was damped. This has been revealed by analysing his call log in relation to the time captured on the CCTV footage the time when the vehicle of the deceased was being damped behind gate way mail. Soon after incident his accomplices left all items in his custody as part of his awards in additional to the promised monetary deal. He sent the items to his girlfriend in Blantyre through curriers services.

Suspect is a brother to the deceased from another family. He was staying together with the deceased before he betrayed her and was the one who publicised early news that deceased was missing on 23/12/23 at around 14:00 hours soon after her killing.

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