Zara,Zoey Kadango emerge AMAI Kids Got-Talelent competition top winners


Zoey Kadango, 6,and Zara Kadango, 4, who live in Dublin, Ireland are the top winners of this year’s Association of Malawians in Ireland (AMAI) Kids Got-Talelent competition.

The two were announced top winners at an event that took place at Maldron Hotel in Dublin.

They won a hamper, €240 and a Christmas cake.

In an interview, the competition organizer and President of Malawian community in Ireland Henry Mkumbira Phiri said Zoey and Zara were voted by the judges as the top winners for displaying amazing skills in cooking Malawian local foods and speaking Chichewa fluently.

“They deserve to be the top winners for the competition.They displayed very amazing skills. They both got talent and that is why we have given them this amount so as to encourage them keep on working hard,”said Mkumbira.

He said as an Association, they decided to come up with the competition in order to identify skills among Malawian kids who live in Ireland.

“As an association, we decided to come up with this competition so as to identify skills among Malawian kids who are living here in Ireland. In simple words, this is a competition aimed at acknowledging excellence among the Malawian community in Ireland,”he said.

He added:” Again,the competition is aimed at preserving and promoting the Malawian culture in Ireland. The event also encourages hard work and resilience among the Malawian Community in Ireland.”

In her remarks after receiving the amount, Zoey Kadango thanked AMAI for organizing the competition saying it will take skills among Malawian kids in Ireland to the higher level.

“We are very thankful to AMAI for coming up with this wonderful competition. These prizes will help us work extra hard and extend our skills.We hope this will also encourage others who have not done well to work hard and improve. We say thank you AMAI,” lauded Zoey.

There were 19 kids who participated in the competition this year and only three reached the finals.

In 2021,Divine Kaponda emerged the top winner in the competition after showing amazing skills in arts, drawing and painting.

She went home with €100.

The 2023 competition results announcement were spiced up by the Malawi’s most booked artist Driemo.

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