Opinion: What Should Be Done To Bring Confusion In DPP To An End?


A serious debate has ensued following the expulsion of Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey from the Democratic Progressive Party which the DPP.

Some people think The President of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is too lenient to contain the situation. He was swindled of his government by the opposition, courts, and HRDC . Again, the insubordinate party members are also taking the party away from him. These are some of the comments shared on social media. Others believe The hate for APM is real and extreme. However, there’s a general feeling that The problem is that the courts in Malawi have created a situation whereby APM or DPP cannot act on any of its insubordinate officers in the party because by doing so the officers will go to court and get a relief. That is what happens and it is what has been happening.

In other words the problems in DPP have been perpetuated by the courts, otherwise those that are causing havoc would have been dealt with long way back. Some are of the opinion that the president could have solved these differences long back by having a round table discussion with all concerned camps amicably once and for all.

Others are of the view that DPP is the only biggest party that can form the next government but there is a lot of “chinkulilano” insubordination. Whoever is not in touch with the president develops natural hatred towards Mutharika and his stewards. Some are under the impression that some people without names, just wake up and start accusing the president and the Mutharika just let it go.

Other views suggest that Mutharika called for round table discussions already but the problem is that some party officials are afraid with the decision of APM standing again as that will mark the end of their relevance in party politics considering how they have been conducting themselves since the party came out of government. Some expect that those who disagree with the party and it’s leadership should simply leave and let peace prevail.

Others surmise that Mutharika needs to stop entertaining those who are calling for his come political back and allow those who are interested in taking over at party President do so through a fair and transparent process. There’s an anticipation that even what Grezelder is doing, is because courts are behind. She’s considered as one of the arrogant camp who are doing things in haste without proper scrutiny of administration procedures.

Some opinion suppose that Those who want the DPP back will vote for any candidate who will stand on the DPP ticket. The problem is, people seem to be afraid of those who surrounded APM during his previous presidency. Another perception suggests that the courts know that if DPP is left to solve their problems amicably then that would be the end of MCP. So it’s better to help p keep the DPP with fights as MCP buys time.

Yet those who surrounded Arthur Peter Mutharika are Nankhumwa and Jeffrey included are now against him. The pain of betrayal is that those whom you make to become who they are today turn and team up against you, this is what Nankhumwa and Jeffrey are doing. While the 2025 Presidential election aims at booting out the current President, people should not only look at dislodging chakwera but also good governance and managing the economy thereafter. APM is aging let him rest and advice.

And I don’t see any candidate in DPP who can do that apart from APM. May be Kabambe and Msaka. Kondwani Nankhumwa is making himself irrelevant by being an ineffective Leader of the Opposition.

No wonder useless bills have been passed in parliament because we have some MPS that don’t even understand what is being discussed in parliament. A malawi nsanje ndi imene imatipweteka. Munthu amene akuchita bwino sitimufuna koma amafuna anthu woipa mitima anzawo.

After all courts are afraid of what DPP will do to them once it comes back to power. Ma amendment of electoral law kumachitika mu parliament kenako kuyamba kumawa panga fight atadutsa kale zowopsa kwambiri.

Nankhumwa is greedy if you can analyse his interview with Zodiak on the same you can see that he is a person who wants a big position without any leadership capacity.

My opinion
What should happen to bring infighting in the DPP to an end? Convention in 2024 is the lasting solution to all these squabbles. Fortunately, the year is just around the corner and soon, we shall see how it goes. My own opinion is that There’s a general problem of insubordination by some members in DPP today. This arrogance started way back in 2018 when the Democratic Progressive Party was still in government but many people didn’t see this division then.

The disgruntled DPP members tried very hard to work against their own party to make it lose the 2019 elections so that they could later take the party away from Arthur Peter Mutharika which they failed as the DPP was declared winner in that election. Unfortunately, DPP lost government in the 2020 fresh Presidential election after a court case in which Chakwera complained that the election was marred with several irregularities. The election was done under very strange circumstances during which a 50+1 majority was introduced in the opinion of the constitutional court at the time of judgement.

Now, a party Secretary General needs to understand the hierarchy between her office and the Party President and the general administration of the party. The current fired Secretary General, Grezelder Jeffrey doesn’t understand her own office administration. Grezelder Jeffrey is incompetent and does not even understand the DPP constitution nor can she think clearly administratively. Even her communication is generally bad and a great challenge.

The position of Secretary General is similar to that of the Chief Executive Officer. That’s why the DPP recently made some amendments to its constitution that from now onwards for one to be a party official, the entry point will be Masters degree because some of these so called leaders that are there today are just full of chaos (phwanya phwanya). The DPP President has had a round table discussion on different occasions but some members keep going to court. If the courts could allow DPP solve their matters alone and not through the courts, some of these nose makers would have been sent leaving long time ago.

Finally, Nankhumwa has been fighting to maintain the position of leader of opposition which the DPP never chose him. Some people may think The DPP President is entertaining all this but that’s not the case. APM does not entertain this nonsense if you have been following the events very carefully. On the contrary, Everything is disturbed by the courts by entertaining unruly members. As of now, people want the opposition to dislodge Chakwera and put back the economy on track.

Ageing is not a problem, after all from experience Malawians have seen less than what they expected from the so called young and energetic leaders. They don’t need someone who is always wearing expensive suits and taking photos, making empty speeches, traveling and spending much of our earned taxes in hotels. People want someone who can deliver. Age is nothing but just a number.

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