Tafika Youth Organization bails out the Needy Family at Ekwendeni


Ekwaiweni Tafika Youth Organization has bailed out a vulnerable family with rent and animal in bid to cushion them months after the man of the house was brutally injured and robbed.

Rafiq Mbewe who was robbed and brutally injured damaging his only eye on 14 July this year on his way from business which rendered his family needy as the family now relies on his wife alone as he can no longer do any work because he cannot see.

Director for Ekwaiweni Tafika Youth Organization Shupo Kumwenda says they thought of coming up with the support after looking how the family was struggling after the man was injured as he can no longer see.

“We saw the need to assist the family with rental fees and food and a pig to ensure the family is able to sustain themselves we have been assisting him with different necessities and we are planning to take him to the hospital and pay all educational support to his children.” said Kumwenda.

Gladys Mtika wife to Rafiq Mbewe says his husband had one eye working and was doing a business until he met his fate, she further says she is relieved with the support she received from the organization through their donors and says she has hope the pigs will be able to cushion their challenges as they are expecting piglets in months.

“I’m delighted with the support given to me they have bailed me I’m relieved now as you can see my husband can no longer work after the incident and with the pig I can look forward to it, knowing that I have income all thanks to Ekwaiweni Tafika Youth Organization who came with this prestigious donation as you can see the pregnant saw we expect to have piglets in next two months and have some extra cash from sales.” said Mtika.

Ekwaiweni Tafika Youth Organization has been doing several initiatives like helping those in need, providing support to destitute families and providing water to different communities.

The donation was supported by Zambia – Malawi partnership and Partners from the United Kingdom.

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