Monsignor Tamani describes Chakwera’s Government, a failure


Reverend Father Monsignor Dr. Boniface Tamani, has described the MCP led Tonse Alliance in government as a failure saying it is a shame to fail in this manner looking at countries surrounding Malawi, they are performing better while Malawi is still there.

Monsignor Tamani observed that almost all countries in Africa including Malawi’s neighboring countries such as Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania faced Tropical Cyclones including Freddy and Russia-Ukraine war they are performing while Malawi is still at one place.

Speaking on Sunday during Sunday Mass Service, Monsignor Tamani said Malawi has no excuse worse still President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is travelling around with over 100 entourages everyday claiming that people are being squeezed paying high tax which is not going towards the services to the people.

Fr. Monsignor Tamani has asked President Chakwera to stop travelling locally and internationally so that the little money saved go towards addressing social challenges the country is sailing through other than the people’s pockets.

“When the President is leaving the country, others are already there and when he is coming back home, others are eft behind draining the country’s little resources for prosperity,” he said.

On the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha by 44 percent, Fr. Monsignor Dr. Tamani said in the book of Adam Smith says politics and economics go hand in hand saying one cannot do politics without economics.

Fr. Monsignor Tamani said if politics talks about development, one cannot do development if not able to run the economy observing that Malawi as a country has failed to run the economy, therefore, it cannot talk about politics.

He said Malawi is for all, no one can build the country by himself or herself advising Malawians that if things are getting wrong, they should criticize and blame themselves for voting a wrong person into government.

The Reverend Father Monsignor has since appealed to all Malawians to register in their large number to remove bad people in government advising them that voting for useless people in government is making the poor suffering which a sin before God.

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