26-year-old Gilbert Namamba publishes book titled ‘The Holy Spirit’


A 26-year-Gilbert Namamba from Machinjiri in Blantyre has published a book titled “The Holy Spirit”, a promise unto everyone on earth.

Speaking in an interview,Namamba said the book which has 150 pages focuses much on bringing an understanding of the Holy Spirit to all readers.

Said Namamba :”There are so many things that fills us as we try to attain satisfaction.

“Unfortunately the satisfaction that is obtained in all other things is shortlived. It is the Holy Ghost only who can bring complete satisfaction in our hearts and lead us to live a victorious and godly life with greater impact.”

The young author said what inspired him to write the book is for him to see people change, discover and fulfill their purpose.

“All the problems people are facing now can fully be addressed by the Holy Ghost alone.

“Every aspect of life needs the Holy Spirit, Church leaders, local authorities, Politicians, businessmen, parents and individuals need the Holy Spirit to get to the peak of their God given Purpose and solve all problems rising in their circles of influence, “he said.

Namamba said the book will be lunched on November 25,2023, at Dyeratu Primary School where Traditional Authority (T/A) Ngowe will attend as a guest of honour.

He said after the launch, the book will be sold in both hard copies and soft copies at K10,000 and K6,000 respectively.

“Pre orders can be done by contacting me through these numbers; 0881523277/0990947354. The book will also be on Amazon,” said Namamba.

He encouraged people to buy the book as it is important in transforming their lives spiritually.

“Purchasing this book is a direct support to God’s work which is being done here in Chikwawa and other rural areas. Plan to get your copy and be impacted as you impact other people out there,” he said.

Responding to how he sees writing industry in Malawi, the author said :”The writing industry is one of the most impactful industries as it carries the ability to communicate and transform the minds of people directly to readers. Despite that, the writing industry doesn’t receive much response from People because most of Africans have not developed a reading culture as such they cannot appreciate the work the writing industry is doing.”

He further appealed to the government saying :”We have great knowledge closed in the books. If reading culture can be emphasized from primary school we can have a generation that will take up the knowledge installed in the books written by many. And this knowledge can reshape our country.”

Namamba started writing in 2014, but the release of ‘The Holy Spirit’ book is his first complete project that he has been working on this year.

The author is much motivated by Evangelist Billy Graham who in his life time was consistent in his writings and preachings.

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