Govt sign contract deal with Global Metals


By Vitumbiko Mvula………..

Aspiration in scuffling time as the Government of Malawi signs a 25 year contract deal with Global metals an Australian company to operate at Kanyika in Mzimba the northern part of the country.

As Malawi is economically sinking, after 12 years of negotiation a binding deal has finally been made with Global metals.The company will be mining Niobium and Tatilum at Kanyika .

Commenting on the development Grain Malunga ,one of the Mining expert in the country has argued Malawians and people surrounding the area to be comperative and embrace the mining industry in the area.

He says Kanyika mining in Mzimba can be the redeemer of Malawi’s sinking economy as it will punch in some forex through taxa and duty ,boost Agriculture in the area, bring employment and even social services but many people magnify negativities.

” It is pity as some people if they do not personally benefit they have a negative prospective towards mining . People said Kayerekera mining in Karonga benefited non but Gross Domestic Product (GDP)raised to 10 percent from one mine our countries benefit ,so Kanyika gives a sigh of relief to our economy.”

Malunga also said that Government should be accountable in disclosing the benefits of the mine to our country not only companies as people do not trust them . This will rebuild trust of big international companies in the mining sector.

Global metals is expected to be mining Niobium and Tatilum which will be used to make lithium batteries for phone batteries and electric car batteries . In a year it is expected to produce 120 metric tones of Tatirum one of the expensive mineral which will be sold at $260 per kilogram and Niobium will be sold at $50 per kilogram.

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