Don’t take songwriting for granted, take it as a lucrative business – DNA


Don’t take songwriting for granted, take it as a lucrative business – DNA

By: Hosea Banda

One of the renowned music artists who is also a songwriter, Daniel Kaliwo also known by his stage name D.N.A. has revealed that many people do not realize that writing songs is big business.

Speaking in an interview with The Malawi Guardian, Kaliwo says he wants to establish a songwriting business.

He says people do not realize that the major part of the song is in lyrical content.

“I want to establish this as a business. since a whole lot of people don’t realize that a major part of a song is in the lyrical content,” he says.

Kaliwo says he will be writing songs at a giveaway price.
However, the artist says he feels like he can do better to make people realize the value of the initiative by giving them the best lyrics.

“I also feel like I can have a lot of people realize the value of this by giving them the best lyrics. my prices range from 150,000 to 300,000 but for a start, a K30,000 should do that’s why it’s just for a limited number of days.”

Kaliwo also says he is not expecting much from the public because some will be dissatisfied with the initiative and ignore the it because they do not know the success of other than some of the artists he had worked with.

“I don’t expect a whole lot really because I know some will diss this initiative let alone ignore but I know how successful it can be from the artists I have worked with throughout. They don’t even know that people like us are behind some of the beautiful songs they love from their favorite artists.”

He continued to say that he can not say much about where the Malawian music industry is lacking but he says him being an artist he will maintain the music industry by producing more matured content.

“I won’t say much on this because we all our different perspectives and beliefs towards music as far as what we define to be music is concerned. But I guess my being an artist and maintaining my touch is one way of cementing that.”

Kaliwo was well known for his song “Ukandipepesere” and has been writing songs for others before he joined the music industry and has stayed in the music industry for more than 10 years. As of now, Daniel kaliwo has called the public that everyone who wants a song should contact him at a giveaway price of K30,000 until March 28, 2023.

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