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The Volleyball Association of Malawi (VAM) has set April 15th, 2023 as the date it will hold its long awaited Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe.

General Secretary for VAM Daniel Mwakasoko has confirmed the EGM.

Mwakasoko has also apologized to all its affiliates for late communication for the EGM which was slated to take place on March 31st, 2023 but the association later learned that it would colide with Malawi Olympic Committee strategic meeting and which VAM president will be in attendance.

“It was established that the initial set date of 31 March 2023 Collided with the Malawi Olympic Committee strategic meeting of which VAM president will be in attendance being an affiliate,” Mwakasoko said.

He further said that the association decided to have its EGM on April 1, 2023, but the Malawi Olympic Committee (MOC) will conduct its Annual General Meeting (AGM), and which VAM president is also set to be in attendance.

He said this has since forced VAM to shift the day and set April 15, 2023, as a date to hold its Extraordinary General Meeting.

Meanwhile, VAm has also reminded the candidates that each candidate who wants to compete at the EGM should have a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) and should also have undergone Olympic Solidarity administered Sports administration course plus four years of administration in volleyball.

The EGM will be both Virtual and physical at Bingu National Stadium and the EGM will start at 10:00 AM.

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