We need resources to build our party: APM


The former State President who is also the leader of the former rulling party, Democratic Progressive Party Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has admitted that the Party need resources for it to the forthcoming 2025 elections.

Mutharika made the remarks during the DPP’s Blue night, fundraising dinner and dance which happened at the Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre on Saturday evening.

“We need resources to build our party,” said Mutharika. “We need these resources, prepare our party to return to power in 2025.”

Mutharika is hopeful that his party will storm back into power in 2025 as the majority of the people in the country have realised that they did a great mistake in voting for the “rotten” Tonse Alliance if they have enough resources, send clear messages to the Malawians and having the right candidate to represent the party at the 2025 elections.

“The majority of people in this country, realised that they made a great mistake in voting the Tonse Alliance into power in 2020. Now they want the [Democratic Progressive Party] DPP back and the DPP will be back in 2025.

“I can grant you that we will be back, there will be another day and another fight. But for the DPP to come back, we need to do three things: firstly, we must have adequate resources, we need to raise enough money. We need to raise more money to finance the convention coming, national governing council, Presidential Elections, parliamentary elections and Councillor elections.

“Secondly, for DPP to come back to power, we need a clear message to the people and now Malawians realise that when they are promised things Canaan, 10 Million Jobs, and all those government things, they now realise that that was a bunch of gabadges. People will expect to send our message but also to see how are we going to achieve our goals.

“Thirdly, for DPP to come back, you must have the right candidate. He must be somebody that people believe that can govern the country and manage this economy,” said Mutharika.

The Democratic Progressive Party lost the court-ruled elections in 2020 as the Tonse Alliance, stormed into power.

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