Three Dpp Big Fish shy away Fundraising dinner and dance event


Divisions in Democratic Progressive Party continue to show as big fish from north shied away from the party’s Fundraising dinner and dance event held at Mount Soche hotel in Blantyre on Saturday.

Most notable were the northern region big wigs who were missing during the event.

These are Northern Region Vice president Dr Goodall Gondwe, Party Treasurer General Jappie Mhango and Simon Vuwa Kaunda.

Jappie Mhango Party Treasure no where to be seen

According to Jappie Mhango, he had family issues to attend to.

“I missed the event because I am attending family issues that also need my presence, so I failed to show up at the event,” he said.

On his part Vuwa Kaunda said he is not feeling well despite that he already bought the event tickets.

“I am home and am not feeling well, it was my wish to be there but the way am feeling made me to miss the event, I bought my ticket in advance but look now,” said Kaunda.

There is no reports why the party vice president for the north Goodall Gondwe failed to show up at the event at the moment.

One of the party member from the north (name withheld) concluded that the missing of the three is the most significant sign that the party is divided and predicted it will lose electrons in 2025.

Vuwa Kaunda reported not feeling well

“How can all three leaders that we regard them as our regional Frontline people fail to show up at the event, this tells us that we are not ready for 2025 elections and if this continues we are remaining to opposition side till then,” she said.

At the fundraising event Northern region were represented by Christopher Mzomera Ngwira the regional governor.

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