LUANAR Student Joins Race for Presidency in 2025


By Vitumbiko Mvula..

An irrigation engineering student from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Denis Nkhata Nthanthwe has expressed interest to contest contest in the 2025 Tripatite Elections on the seat of president.

Nkhata says Malawi is lacking a President free from political party influence and it’s high time Malawian youths say no to the business of political parties.

“People invest in party’s so that they satistify themselves when they obtain power instead of delivering the needs of Malawians,” he said .

He further stressed that he is joining the conventional politics to serve the public and not feed his pockets.

He also challenged youths and the general public not to vote for someone based on tribe, handouts and fake promises.

The northern city has now two presidential candidates Nthanthwe and the Rastafarian candidate Chikomeni Chirwa.

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