MEI join world commemorating Engineering day


By Vitumbiko Mvula…….

Malawi Engineering Institution (MEI) call out the need of more research and capacity building ; resource allocation and mobilization; and collaboration with relevant stakeholders for meangiful delivery of engineering services and products.

The institution argues the effects of climate change as the great challenge in delivering engineering solutions hence need for research.

MEI has today joined the rest of the world in commemorating the world Engineering Day under the theme :”Engineering Innovation for a more Resilient Future”. The world Federation of Engineering Organisations in collaboration with the United Nations Education ,Science and cultural Organisation ( UNESCO) set aside this day to celebrate engineering and the contribution of the world’s engineers, scientist, technologists and technicians for a better sustainable world.

President of MEI Alfonso Chikuni , professor in Engineering says , engineeres play a crucial role in the social economic development of any country and it is for this reasons that their works can not go unnoticed.

MEI has also called upon all Malawians to join forces to support the engineering practice for better Malawi and that they should observe this day with gratitude for the role that engineers , scientist ,technologist and technicians have played for our Nation.

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