By Hosea Banda……..

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) say it will appeal the judgement delivered by Principle Resident Magistrate court in Lilongwe involving corruption case of former Deputy Chief Executive Office of National food Reserve Agency (NRFA) Gerald Viola and Chrispine Chingola.

Principle Resident Magistrate Viva Nyumba find the two guilty and punish them with a 3 year custodial sentence but it was suspended for two years which means that Viola and Chingola will not serve the sentence in prison.

In his judgement the principal Residence Magistrate says the two are first offenders and has not benefited from the whole deal.

Gerald viola and Chrispine Chingola were answering a case involving the maize supply of worthy 3.3 Million kwacha.

The Bureau say Gerald viola was convicted of abuse of office which is contrary to section 25B(1) while Chrispine Chingola was convicted of influencing a public office to misuse a public office which is contrary to section 25B(2) of the corruption practice act.

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