Man jailed 20 years for defilement in Mzuzu

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The Senior Resident Magistrate Court in Mzuzu on Wednesday February 22, 2023 convicted and sentenced a 26-year-old man, George Nkhonjera to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling a 10-year-old girl.

The court through state prosecutor Inspector Kelvin Kamanga heard that the convict had been defiling the victim since 2022 when her parents went to South Africa for greener pastures leaving the girl in custody of the convict, her uncle.

The court further learnt that one day the convict’s sister found the girl sleeping in her bedroom wearing her underwear on her heard. When she confronted her, the victim explained that Nkhonjera has been sleeping with her since last year and that moment, he had just sneaked out of the room.

Later, the reporter narrated the issue to her mother (victim’s grand mother) who then reported the matter to Police. Working on the complaint, the law enforcers arrested Nkhonjera and charged him with defilement.

The victim was issued with a referral letter to Mzuzu Central Hospital and the results revealed that she was indeed defiled.

Appearing before court, the convict pleaded guilty to the charge.

In mitigation, the convict prayed for leniency saying he was attacked by satanic powers and that he has a grandmother to take care of.

But in his submission, prosecutor Kamanga prayed for a stiffer punishment, saying that such a man is not supposed to leave in the community. Kamanga observed that being the father, Nkhonjera had a responsibility of taking good care of the victim, but instead he deliberately defiled the girl taking advantage of her naivety.

Passing the sentence, Senior Resident Magistrate Rashford Harawa concurred with the state’s submission and sentenced the convict to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour.

Nkhonjera comes from Mofati Nkosi Village in Traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba District.

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