CIDED ask Chakwera to caution his party parliamentarians


By Hosea Banda……..

Centre for Democracy and Economic Development initiative (CDEDI) has asked president Lazaras Mc Cathy Chakwera to act on some members of parliament believed to be from Malawi Congress Party that they are taking rotten maize from malangalanga warehouse and into ADMARC Depot in Dowa and Salima District.

A letter dated February 23,2023 and CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa has signed is asking president Lazarus Chakwera to take action by ordering the MP’s to stop taking the rotten maize into ADMARC Depot.

“Meanwhile CDEDI is asking President Lazarus Chakwera to order his Mps or, indeed, any individuals, to take their hand off “the rotten maize” until a public physical inspection of the same is conducted.”

CDEDI has also also demanded the ADMARC to produce a documentary evidence from a laboratory test that shows the maize is not safe for human consumption.

CIDED has challenged the minister of Agriculture Sam Kawale to invite Malawians including CDEDI to conduct a verification exercise on the rotten maize at Malangalanga warehouse in Lilongwe.

Namiwa say this has come after hearing that 10,000 metric tonnes of maize have got rotten and they conduct an investigation which finds that on Wednesday February 22,2023 some trucks were loading the said rotten maize at malangalanga warehouse going to Dowa and Salima District.

“We noted with regret that Agricultural Development and Marketing Cooperation (ADMARC) 10,000 metric tonnes of maize said to have been rotten is being ferried from Malangalanga warehouse for sale at Mponela in Dowa and Salima ADMARC Depots at an exorbitant price.”

Minister of agriculture Sam Kawale told the parliament this week that 10,000 metric tonnes of maize have got rotten in government warehouses.

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