Chakwera admits Malawi is not producing enough variable and exportable goods


By Vitumbiko Mvula……..

His excellency President of the Republic of Malawi Lazarus Mc Cathy Chakwera is today presiding over the 16th congregation of the University of Livingstonia graduation in Mzuzu Auction floor hall.

In his speech the President said Malawi is suffering because it is not producing enough variable and exportable goods and services to generate Forex and revenue necessary to pay our debates.

Transformation is good but not enough to change the situation hence let’s be hopefull by restructuring our economy to be productive by creating worth, jobs and achieving food insecurity.

He added that he believes that the graduates are the tribe of hope eager to do their part in graduating Malawi in a low middle status by 2030. People that will not point figures at others nor whispering that Malawi is doom to fail but a tribe that will roll up sleeves of their shirts and work towards the 2063 vision.

814 have graduated with certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters degree from four campuses of laws , Ekwendeni campus, Ekwendeni college of medicine and Kaning’ina campus. nursing and midwifery, social science,clinical services,nursing and midwifery, clinical services ,business communication studies ,journalism and development communication , computer engineering and education are some of the courses that the graduates have completed.

University of Livingstonia has 20 years of existence in the country and this is the 16th graduation.

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