Govt warn of using the protected Emblems


By Vitumbiko Mvula………

The office of the President and Cabinet has expressed concern with individuals and organisations who are using the protected Emblems colours, names and likeness without permission which is contrary to the Constitution of our land.

The secretary to the office of the President and Cabinet , Collen Zamba has argued that the use of the protected flag, and names is an offence to the protected Flag, Emblems and Names Act ( Cap 18.03) of the constitution.

Section 5 of this restricts the public to use these protected names without permission from the Minister responsible for the administration of the Act.

In the letter dated 21 ,February ,2023 ,Zamba informs the public to seek written permission from the Minister before they display, manufacture,sell ,import or produce the protected colours names, and likeness . As anyone found using these property will have to face the law.

For more contact: 0995641994

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