Mzuzu District FAM League reaches knockout stage.


By Vinjeru Betera Mkandawire……

The Mzuzu District FAM League resumes this weekend with four fixtures in the quarter final stage.

According to the General Secretary Alphack Mkandawire on Sartuday Bwabwa United will play Katoto United at Ekwendeni Community Ground while Green rangers will play Geisher United at Luwinga Sports Complex And on Sunday Luwazi United will play Mighty kings at Luwinga Sports Complex while Matabwa Hammers will play Blue Sports at Ekwendeni Community ground.

Speaking to One of the teams which has reached the knockout stage, Coach for Matabwa Hammers Ishmael Smart commended the organisers for giving them enough time to prepare for the knockout stages And also appealed for More competitions in the district as it keeps
players busy.

“First of all let me recommend the organisers for giving us enough time to prepare for the knockout stages And we expect to carry the Day as we have prepared well for the match And also let me thank FAM And the District committee for coming up with this league as it keeps our players busy instead of doing something which can destroy their lives they concentrate on football so as we are concluding this league we want More tournaments in future”. he Said

Sports Analyst Robert Nyambose has advised the organisers And teams in big leagues to spot talents in these games And put them into use.

” You know this is the foundation of our football here as many Young players participate in this tournament so its my appeal to the committee to spot talents in these games And recommend them to teams playing in big leagues And also teams from big leagues should be sending their scouts in these type of games so that they can appreciate the talent”. He concluded

Chipolopolo FC are the defending champions of the Mzuzu District FAM league.

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