In Chitipa a three year old girl has drowned in a well when she decided to follow her mother who went to fetch water from a borehole.

The incident occurred on February 17, 2023 at Masyesye area.

The deceased has been identified as Florence Ngonya, of Andrea 2 village in the area of Senior Chief Mwaulambia in Chitipa district.

The facts are that on this fateful day, Florence’s mother went to fetch water at a borehole in the village and she left her child playing at home with her fellow minors.

Few minutes later Florence started following her mother and accidentally fell into a well which is just close to their dwelling house.

After returning from the borehole, she went to the well to clean her cooking utensils and she was shocked upon seeing her daughter floating dead.

The Police and Medical personnel visited the scene and postmortem results indicates that death was due to suffocation.

Meanwhile, police in the area are appealing to all parents and strongly advise them to always leave children under the supervision of a matured person.

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