Police detectives urged to desist corruption


Police detectives in Northern Region have been urged to desist from corrupt practices in course of duty.

The call was made during an interface with Deputy Director of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in the Malawi Police Service (MPS) Jessie Nyirongo, Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Nyirongo when delivering the message from the High Command of the MPS stated that corruption is evil and that it defeats justice.

“Corruption is evil and will remain evil, stop indulging in corruption,” she emphasized.

She added that for the police detectives to succeed in their investigations, there’s need to maintain high standards of professionalism, exercise customer care and integrity.

The CID Deputy Director further called upon the officers to do more in addressing route causes of crimes of concern such as mob-justice, Suicides and Human Trafficking just to mention a few.

“You should always find ways and means to deal with these crimes,” she stressed.
She paid particular emphasis on the need for detectives not to keep watching while cases of Mob-Justice are happening. She reminded the officers that they must arrest those perpetrating the vice and bring them to book to stop the occurrence.

The senior police detective further reminded the gathering a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Malawi Defense Force and the MPS which underlines code of conduct between the two institutions on how to approach incidences arising in the course of duty. On this, she shared a copy of the MOU with all detectives so as to act as a reminder as they undertake daily operations.

She implored on the officers to remember that team work is paramount for the organization to achieve it’s objectives.

She finally commended the detectives for working hard in 2022.

On her part, Regional Operation Officer Emmie Soko, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police commended the CID Deputy Director for the interface which she said will encourage and empower all detectives in the region.

She added that the officers are facing numerous challenges which among others is the moral support from National Police Headquarters such as her coming to interact with the officers.

Soko then called on the police investigators to treat clients with empathy inorder to maintain public trust.

“In order for you to get information from the public, you must build good relationship with them in your day to day interactions”. Said Soko.

Speaking earlier, Regional Criminal Investigations Officer, Senior Superintendent Gift Zondani lamented lack of training among his officers and inadequate mobility as some of the challenges impacting operations in the region.

The interface took place at Northern Region Police Headquarters Officer’s Mess on January 21, 2023 and was attended by a cross section of detectives across the region.

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