Police tighten security in Mzuzu City and surrounding areas


Police in Mzuzu would like to assure residents, businesses and tourists that security in the city is tight and intact as confirmed and backed by verifiable official crime statistics held by the Mzuzu Police Station.

This is in sharp contrast to opinionated allegations expressed in a letter circulating on social media purporting that there is security lapse in the city.

The 2022 official crime-statistics of the city show that crime has gone down by two percent when compared to 2021.

Records indicate that all major crimes such as house breakings, theft and robbery are under control.

For instance, only five cases of “theft of motorcycles” were recorded in 2022 and in these cases, investigations were conducted, which led to arrests and prosection of suspects, most of whom are serving jail.

The police urge Malawians to bring evidence when reporting suspected corruption involving it’s officers. Such reports can also be presented to other institutions such as the Anti Corruption Bureau.

The police further implore on Malawians to desist from sensationalizing security matters on social media which has the potential to cause unnecessary panic to the public.

Individuals who have questions or concerns about security of their areas are encouraged to quickly bring them to the attention of the Officer in-Charge of their nearest Police Stations.

At present, Mzuzu Police Station has among other strategies intensified patrols, investigations, prosecutions and awareness meetings to keep the city and its surroundings safe and secure.

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