Chihana drums up support for federal system of government


Alliance for Democracy (afford) President Enock Chihana has reignited calls for Malawi to adopt a Federal system of government saying it’s the only way to get equitable development across all the regions in the country.

The call comes barely a week after a Federalism Institute requested State President Lazarus Chakwera to call for a National referendum within two months.

Speaking in an interview after holding a rally at Baka Primary School in Karonga on Saturday Chihana, said the current government system has failed Malawians hence nodded for the adoption of a federal system of governance.

Adding change of system would ensure better service delivery and limitation of powers.

“Since we became a multi-party democracy as a country we have achieved nothing as a country in terms of equitable development in all the region thus is time to change from the triple down approach to this federal system of governance,” he said.

Chihana has since expressed optimism of returning the party to its lost glory as their campaign drive to revamp the party has already started bearing fruits with a number of people defecting to the party.

Lusungu Mwakwawa leader of the federalism institute, in their letter sent to the President said the current unitary governance system has failed to develop Malawi.
“You can observe that since multi-party democracy Malawians have remained in abject poverty due to among others tribalism, nepotism and abuse of state powers hence called for change,” he said.

However a Political analyst George Phiri, notes that federal system of governance might not be the best solution to the country’s social economic challenges considering the size of Malawi and the problems the country is still facing in overcoming nepotism and tribalism challenges.
Since Thursday last week Aford have stormed Chitipa and Karonga where they held a number of meetings and political rallies with the aim of revamping the party an exercise which the party began about 2 years ago.

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