Nkhata Bay Police registers decrease in crime and road accidents


The general statistical analysis of crime and road accidents in Nkhata Bay District has shown that both crime and road accident rates in 2022, have drastically gone down by 18 percent and 32 percent respectively.

This is according to the station’s annual report that compares crime and road accidents statistics gathered last year (2022), compared to 2021.

The report indicates that a total of 694 criminal cases were recorded in 2022, compared to 843 cases registered in 2021, giving a difference of 149 crimes representing *
18 percent decrease.

Similarly, on road traffic management, 88 accidents were registered in 2022 compared to 130 that were recorded in 2021 presenting a difference of 42 accidents that translates to 32 percent decrease. The decline in the road accidents has been registered in all categories ranging from fatal to minors.

A total of 29 fatal road accidents were recorded in 2022, with 29 lives lost while in 2021 of the 29 fatal road accidents registered, 30 people lost their lives. On the other hand, 12 serious road accidents were recorded in 2022 compared to 26 recorded in 2021.

On crime analysis, cases such as defilement, unlawful wounding, burglary and theft, and general theft, also decreased in the year under review.

The report indicates that in 2022, 45 cases of defilement were recorded compared to 56 cases that were recorded in 2021. Similarly, 72 cases of unlawful wounding were reported in 2022 down from 97 cases registered in 2021. 64 cases of burglary and theft where criminals targeted dwelling houses at night were reported in 2022 compared to 81 in 2021.

However, the district police is still working hard to reduce some criminal cases that have slightly risen such as murder.

Generally, the positive achievements in both crime and road traffic management have come as a result of dedication and hard work by the law enforcers, and the cordial relationship with members of the community who were also coming forth with useful information to police for action.

Police visibility during day and night time in all crime and accident prone areas also made significant impact.

Additionally, cooperation and coordination between police and the district council, NGOs such as those under Spotlight Initiative, also contributed much towards the fight against gender based violence as well as violence against children.

Police in the district is assuring members of the community of police intensified securitoy interventions to further reduce the fear of crime and boost relationship with all stakeholders.

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