Malawi National Council of Sports in conjunction with Moyale Barracks and Mzuzu city council on friday unveiled and launched the first ever Mzuzu city half Marathon at a press briefing at Grand Palace Hotel in Mzuzu.

Sports Council board member Mrs Hellen Mpinganjira Tadosa led the event.

In her opening remarks, Mpinganjira said this is a first of its kind and hopes it will inspire athletes in the country.

“As Malawi National Council of Sports we feel time is up now that we should bring the Marathon up north especially in the city of Mzuzu, so we have organized this Marathon which will take place soon and we have realized that time is against us. We have decided that we start now, so that people should start preparing that is why today we are launching the event,” said Mpinganjira.

She added that before the Marathon there will be a fun run and every one is invited to participate.

Representing the Commanding officer for Moyale Barracks Lt Godfrey Guwa said the Marathon will help Moyale as well as athletics at large.

Moyale Lt Godfrey Guwa

“As you are aware Moyale is having many athletes and am sure they are going to benefit from this Marathon, at the same time to keep our soldiers physically fit and to come together between military and civilian world, on top of that Moyale Barracks will provide all medical assistance during the event. “. said Guwa.

The 21 Kilometers half Marathon will be held on 5 March 2023, in the city of Mzuzu.

The Mzuzu city half Marathon will act as a preparatory stage for the Blantyre 42.195 kilometers race.

The organizing chairperson for the event Peter Mumba said they will also reaching out to the cooperate world for support.

“As Mzuzu we are very prepared and to us we are looking into it that, so we are okay and we are well prepared for this,”

In cooperate world, Mumba said that’s one of the thing that they are going looking into it.

Mpinganjira led the launch

“This is one of the thing that we are approaching to so many different cooperate world private, and even public, those people who can manage to come in but also we are trying to give them an opportunity to do business to show case what they have in terms of products, so far from now we will start working hard to see better how to move on,” said Mumba.

The competition is open to both locals and international in both categories athletes from all ages are allowed to participate in this Marathon.

The total sum of K8 million kwacha will be battled among athletes and the winner will walk away with K1 million, the second one with K700 thousand, while the third position with pocket K500 thousand kwacha, these for both male and female.

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