Youths urged to venture into art


Youths in Karonga have been urged to venture into art and craft as one way of improving the field and as a toll of elevating them in becoming self-reliant.

The call was made recently at Karonga Freedom Park where Pamoza Tingakwaniska Youth Organization, organized a day long talent exhibition where youths among others were afforded the opportunity to display their talents and art works to the general public.

Speaking in an interview Osman Zgambo who exhibited his art works, said taking up art and craft can transform the lives of youths economically as the field has a lot of potential.

Adding, the exhibition has help expose the talents and art works of the youths and changing the mindset of how people view art in the district.

“As far as art is concerned in Malawi a lot of youths look down upon the field but in actual fact it is a very lucrative profession if it is well supported and marketed,” he said.

Youths showcasing their products

Concurring with Zgambo, Robert Simwaka who showcased his drawings, said a lack of materials was a huge setback for them when it comes to producing quality art works.

Saying the materials are only found as far as Lilongwe and Blantyre hence become a challenge to charge potential customers as they don’t understand the cost incurred in procuring the materials.

ON her Part Programs Manager for the Organisation Gomezani Mhango, said the organization thought of organizing the exhibition to give the youths a platform to showcase their talents as one way of exposing them to potential buyers.

“In most cases the youth have the talent but lack exposure to market and sale their art hence we thought of giving the youths a chance to display their talents and art because we want the youths to become self-reliant thus stop engaging into unmoral behavior that can destroy their lives,” articulated Mhango.

The exhibition which was conducted under the theme of innovation, embracing art and social change, attracted youths from Karonga and Traditional Authority Mwenewenya in Chitipa District.

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