Ministry of Local Government launches Fistula Centre


The Deputy Minister of Local Government Halima Daud has asked women in the country who are showing signs of Obstructive Fistula (OF) to seek health care services saying that the complication is considered as most devastating and yet neglected.

She said this on Wednesday during the launch of the newly established Litja’s Fistula and One Stop Centre at Mangochi District Hospital.

Daud said renovation of the Fistula Ward and the One Stop Centre will help the victims and survivors access all services under one roof thereby reducing the burden of the condition within the district and its surrounding.

The Deputy Minister said the centre will also help to reduce the number of girls and women suffering from Fistula.

“The centre will improve access and quality Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Fistula services. It will also strengthen women’s empowerment and economic activities especially to GBV and OF survivors,” she said.

She condemned the stigma and discrimination to those suffering from the disease face.

“Once someone is with that condition, she is usually isolated and in the same way, they may isolate themselves. This then leads to poor economic status as the patient has no time to associate with the rest of community members for activities that may lead to personal development,” said Daud.

Mangochi GBV and Fistula Coordinator Thandizo Baleti said the success to combating GBV and Obstructive Fistula requires a strong commitment by government institutions, development partners, non-governmental organizations, and faith based organisation at all levels.

“It also requires adequate resources at all levels for the implementation of policies and programmes to protect and promote women’s and the vulnerable rights,” she said.

Meanwhile, Baluti says Malawi has oriented some health care workers on the case management, trained ambassadors for case identification and referral.

She commended the Embassy of Iceland for its commitment in being a partner of all seasons in uplifting the living standards of the people of Malawi.

as partners, the Government of Malawi and the Embassy of Iceland have registered commendable success in Mangochi, under the Mangochi Basic Services Programme (MBSP) Phases I and II in the areas of education, health, Gender, Trade, water and sanitation.

Iceland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Thordis Kolbrum Reykfjord Gylfadotrir said Iceland would like to see reduced morbidity and mortality of women from perinatal causes, and the morbidity and mortality of under-5 children from all causes.

“We would like to see the population especially women and youths in our impact areas improve their education, economic and nutrition status among others,” said the Minister.

The Embassy of Iceland renovated the building under the MBSP.

Source: Ministry of Local Government.

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