Let it Out appeals for financial support


………plan to hold a Lifeline mental health seminar……..

The organisers of “Lifeline mental health seminar ” Let it Out and Irise talks Malawi has appealed for the financial support from the public as they are racing against time to hold the Lifeline mental health seminar.

The seminar which will be held under the theme “Be the One” is scheduled for 17 December, 2022 at the Bwaila Secondary school in Lilongwe.

In a proposal to a certain company that the Malawi Guardian has seen, the budget of the event has been pegged at K950,000 which include PA System, venue, beverages, food, transportation, utensils, media, and Logistics.

Phyllis Dawn Banda, the founder and the Director of “Let it Out” said of the targeted funds, at the moment they have sourced only K200,000.

“We have tried to talk to companies, individuals for sponsorship but we have only sourced K200,000. No any company has come forward to partner with or sponsor us in this event. We need the support from the public for us to hold this event as we are trying to curb issues of suicide in the country,” She said.

Mental health is one of the most pressing concerns for public healthcare systems worldwide. Studies have identified mental illnesses as the second leading cause of disability and premature mortality.

There is a high rate of suicide committed impulsively due to emerging life issues such as relationship breakdown between family members or companions and financial crises. This is leading to the current state regarding suicide; a national health outcry that is largely neglected. Neighboring countries have strategically acknowledged that mental health victims should not be criminalized but assisted accordingly.

According to the Malawi Police, 58 people committed suicide and from June to October 2022 a total of 150 people committed suicide an increase from previous years which brings a concern to the public.

“People do face different life situations, they are more open to someone they don’t know but know that they can help them, especially doctors, creating trust between a person/brand and the public can be difficult sometimes for people to trust in your services.

“Basically, it will be a day where people of different walks of life will come and they will present their mental health issues. It’s going to be a day where people have plenty of games, free food, drinks as well tall about how best they can help each other in terms of mental health issues.

“We believe that this event is to change people’s perspective towards Mental Health issues and impact people’s lives with different presentations by influential people and activities that will give people relief and hope through interaction with Mental Health specialists who will provide free counselling sessions,” She added.

Let It Out (Mental Health Awareness) established in 2019 to shine a light on mental health issues in the country, as it has come to our attention that many people are committing suicide in Malawi due to depression and mental health issues.

It is social media platform on Facebook and WhatsApp where young people can voice out whatever they may be going through while having their identities hidden, this is to avoid being Judged and misled, the program has been proven a success, Let It Out has registered 2,000 young people through its monthly sessions in Lilongwe, Dedza and Blantyre online and offline. 150 youths have received counselling and 20 have been trained on the fundamentals of Psychosocial counselling, people have been helped after attempting suicide, and we encourage them to book a one-on-one session with our counsellors.

The speakers at the event are Chiwoza Bandawe, a Clinical Psychologist and Ruth Kulaisi, a TV Personality.

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