Atupele remain silent in his political future


Former United Democratic Front–UDF president Atupele Muluzi has decided to remain mum on the new political campaign bearing his name.

A photo of a minibus painted Friends of Atupele Muluzi Road to 2025 is circulating on social media.

This is purportedly a campaign strategy ahead of the 2025 general election.

In May this year, Muluzi quit politics saying he wanted to venture into business for the development of the country.

Lilian Patel was then appointed the Acting President for UDF until the party holds its elective convention.

Asked on the latest development, Muluzi did not respond to our phone calls and WhatsApp messages.

UDF spokesperson Yusuf Mwawa has said that he has seen the photo on social media platforms but is not aware of its authenticity.

Mwawa says the former president has not yet communicated anything to the UDF, the party founded by Atupele’s father Bakili Muluzi.

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