Wanderers deny Juju allegations


.………..Pay blind eye to the alleged supporters……..

Mighty Mukuru Wanderers have denied the Juju Allegations that were levelled against them by the Football Association of Malawi in a game that was played on November 6, 2022 against Mafco FC.

After tyr game, The Nomads were being charged with bullying opponents which is contrary to Article 22.13 of the tournament’s Rules and Regulations and putting the game into disrepute contrary to Article 67 of the FAM Disciplinary Code, according to the charge letter.

In a letter that was signed by the Association’s General Secretary, Alfred Gunda, Fam said: Mighty Mukuru Wanderers supporters poured liquid substances on Mafco players in the tunnel when they were going to the dressing room at half-time. The supporters also harassed a Mafco kit master by confiscating papers from him at half-time.
“Wanderers failed to control their supporters from engaging in improper conduct as per Count 1 above and their actions brought the game of football, FAM and name of the sponsor into disrepute.”

Not only Wanderers were charged, but also Mafco who were answering the allegations of bullying and threatening match officials contrary to Article 22.13 of the 2022 Airtel Top 8 Cup Rules and Regulations and Article 59 of the FAM Disciplinary Code.

“Mafco player Richard Mbulu harassed match officials soon after the match by threatening to kill them and daring them never to come to Chitowe Stadium. He later led a group of Mafco players that blocked the match officials’ designated exit gate forcing the match officials to use another gate,” reads part of the letter.

However, in their response, Mighty Mukuru Wanderers through a letter addressed to the GS of Fam, Alfred Gunda urged Fam to summon the supporters a individuals.

“We had a look at the evidence and the pictures that you shared with us, it is unfortunate that some supporters would resort to unorthodox means of using “Juju” during matches. As a company, we don’t believe in such beliefs and our supporters are even aware of this position. We are not responsible for what these alleged supporters did and we call upon Fam to deal with such conducts decisively against those individual supporters if at all a wrong is established.

“We urge Fam to summon those individuals and hear their sides of the story as their conduct was not sanctioned by ourselves,” reads part of the letter signed by Board Secretary, Chancy Gondwe.

The letter added that Mighty Mukuru Wanderers are ready to provide Fam with any assistance needed in their investigations.

According the pictures sent to Wanderers by Fam, Dennis Chitsulo, Anthony Chawanda, Mr Meke, Mr Goba, Lloyd and Peter Mvalo are the names of the individual supporters who have been identified to have indulged in the malpractice.

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