The William Stewart Foundation establish a free secondary school in Chitipa


In order to help less privilege students, the William Stewart foundation an organization based in Chitipa has established a secondary school with support from a UK based Charity Changing Lives Malawi.

According to the cofounder of the organization Levison Mlambya who is also a secondary school teacher said the secondary school has been established to target needy and orphaned secondary school going students who cannot afford to pay fees in other schools.

The secondary school has been established to give hope and bright future to less privileged students hence the name Bright Futures Secondary School.

So far the school has enrolled about 35 students in forms one and two. The school has also provided job to cooks, watchmen, six teachers with degrees and diplomas.

“We have opened a secondary school targeting the needy students who can’t afford to pay their fees in other schools. They are learning for free and also given free food and teaching learning resources”.

“We are appealing for support from well-wishers from Malawi and all over the world to support us with teaching and learning resources like desks, food stuffs, books, pens so that we continue supporting these students”.

The school is opening in phases, this year we have started with junior school next year we will be opening the senior secondary, We are now working on the school registration processes so that the school is duly registered with the ministry of education,” he said.

He added that they are targeting over 160 learners to be helped.

The school is located in Ibuluma Village, in TA Wenya in Chitipa District.

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