Government pegs AIP Fertilizer price at K15,000 per 50kg


The Malawi Government has pegged the new price of the Affordable Input Program Fertilizer at K15,000 per 50kg and a 5kg bag of seeds is begged at K5,000.

The new prices of the Fertilizer and Seeds were announced on Saturday afternoon during the Government face the pressing that was held in Lilongwe with the aim of updating the nation on the current status of the AIP Fertilizer.

Chairperson of the Affordable Input Program Taskforce, Richard Chimwendo Banda said 99% of targeted people to benefits from AIP have already been registered.

“Dr Chakwera, the state President, is fulfilling what he promised the farmers. K109 billion was allocated to the ministry of Agriculture that was targeted at helping the local farmers. The ministry of Agriculture is targeting to reach 2.5 million local farmers who will benefit from the AIP.

“Due to Dr Chakwera’s good relationship with other countries, we have been donated by different countries. For example, Morocco donated 10,000 metric tonnes of MAP fertilizer which is used in manufacturing other Fertilizer. So, from the 10,000 metric tonnes of Map Fertilizer, we have managed to manufacture 52,000 metric tonnes which is targeted to reach over 1.1 million farmers in the country.

“We have also received another donation from the World Food Program but it is yet to arrive in the country. It is 20,000 metric tonnes which is expected to target over 200,000 local farmers.

“African Development Bank has also donated us with 20,000 metric tonnes of Fertilizer which is also targeting over 200,000 farmers. Through the good relationship that we have with other countries, we have managed to receive a collective donation of over 92,000 metric tonnes of Fertilizer.

“Now the farmers [that are among the beneficiaries of the AIP will be buying the Fertilizer at K15,000 per 50kg instead of K60,000 or K65,000. On seed, a 5kg bag will be bought at K5,000,” said Banda.

Chimwendo added gratitude the program will run smoothly and security during the exercise will be duly provided by both the Police and the National Intelligence service.

Meanwhile, the minister of Information and digitalisation, Gospel Kazako encouraged the media to kW up the case of unscrupulous fertiliser dealers in court.

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