Innobuild Bails Out Childrens Home with Building Material worth K3.5 million


Innobuild company through Chief Executive Officer Dr Billy Jonathan Chiotha has donated 30 flush doors and 30 hard wood frames worth K3.5 million to a Dunduzu based organisation called You Are Not Alone(YANA) in the City of Mzuzu.

According to Chiotha, the donation was made after he appreciated what the youth led organisation is doing to assist vulnerable children.

Currently the organization is running in a rented building

The organization was founded and is being managed by 22 year old Tusaiwe Munkhondia.

“I was privileged to be taken to a project site where an organisation called You Are Not Alone (YANA) in Dunduzu Mzuzu is suporting children. The support she is rendering to these kids ranges from food, shelter, clothes and education.

“Currently YANA is operating from a rented house and that’s unsustainable for an organisation like hers which just depends on well-wishers hence the need to build their own home where they can be more safe and sustainable.

“This is why Tusaiwe Munkhondia has braved it all to start the massive project of an 8 bed roomed house being built in Ekwendeni, North of Mzuzu,” He said.

Foundation stage of the designed house

Chiotha then asked Malawians of good will to put aside something they have to assist fulfill her dreams.

“We can gather something even a bag of cement, DPC papers, Brick force Wire, ufa for mmemo for builders, trip of river sand and any other building material you can manage.

“As a way of leading the way, we have donated 30 flush doors and 30 hardwood frames,” he added.

In her remarks Tusaiwe thanked Innobuild for the donation saying it has come timely.

“I am speechless let God reward him with more and more, thank you very much, currently we are operating through well wishers and it’s my dream to see YANA one day to become a great Children’s home,”.

Yana is currently keeping and upbringing over 60 kids (orphans and from underprivileged families).

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