Aubkay Emukaybee to release an EP for charity work


By Stevenson Nkhonjera

Nkhata Bay based up and coming gospel artist Aubrey Kaima Aka “Aubkay Emukaybee”, has started his journey of releasing “Confessions” Extended Playlist (EP) by January 1, 2023 with an aim of helping learners from St Maria Goretti School of the Blind in Nkhata-Bay District.

Speaking in an interview Thursday, Kaima said the idea came after noticing challenges that learners are facing at school.

According to Kaima, “Confessions” means admitting something that is true hence he took the EP as a prayer and a tool to change the livelihoods of the children and people at large.

“You cannot speak about success if you are always there for negativity since negativity rebukes progress so, with this EP I am sure people will have a good message to feed their mind that will help to boost their faith (Faith comes by hearing the word of God. (Romans 10: 17),” He said.

Kaima said helping the needy is what God needs, saying it is one way of proclaiming His message.

“Dedicating the findings to charity work is one way of making God’s word practical, it is not their will (children) to be found there but it is God’s will since He is the one controlling Humans nature.

“Children at St Maria Goretti are facing numerous challenges despite being kept by an Organisation, therefore, I thought it wise to find a way of finding money and donate some materials to my fellow children,” Kaima said.

He further said that he does not have the actual figure for this charity work saying it will depend on the money collected from the sales of the EP.

“Actually I do not have the amount, but it is my plea to do more, since others might think negatively towards my project. What will be sourced from the EP is what will be donated,” He added.

On his part, Specialist Teacher of St Maria School of the Blind, Francisco Chavula, expressed his contentment towards the artist’s plans saying it shall be a motivational act to others so that they may help the school on other challenges it is encountering.

“The most common challenge is inadequate food, beds, and desk. We rely much on donors who most of the time do not manage to sort out all challenges that the school face. So, if people would like to come and donate, they are most welcome,” Chavula said.

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