Hope for Fuel Supply situation improvement


Hope for the improvement of the Fuel Supply Situation looms as the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) announces the progress on Fuel imports.

Motorists in the country have been replying on fuel smuggled in from neighbouring Mozambique as pumps across the country run dry, while some drivers told the Malawi Guardian that they do cross the border to get petrol as the country grapples with severe shortages.

“We have been depending on smuggled fuel from Mozambique. Some entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the situation and are smuggling the scarce commodity, which they are selling at 50% over the normal pump price,” said one of the motorists.

Malawi has had fuel crisis since April as global fuel price rises and a shortage of foreign exchange currency leave the government struggling to pay for petrol imports.

Problems have escalated over the past months as petrol stations across the country report running out of petrol.

The National Oil Company of Malawi, in August assured the Malawians that the government was working tirelessly to have the situation improved.

“We assure Malawians that the sporadic fuel supply is being corrected as the product is being released from the Strategic Fuel Reserves as well as from other importers to ensure sustainable availability at all service stations in Lilongwe and throughout the country.”

Two months down the line while Malawians still face the agony of Fuel Shortage, The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority says the situation is bound to improve as the government is trying to correct the situation.

“The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) would like to update the general public that the country’s main fuel importers have established letters of credit and the fuel supply situation will gradually improve in the next few days,” reads part of the statement by Mera.

The Authority added that the current fuel supply disruptions have been exacerbated by a stoppage of loadings at the ports because of foreign exchange challenges.

“With the informed financial arrangements, fuel loadings have resumed at the Ports of Beira and DareSalaam,” adds the statement.

The Authority has assured the Malawians that the Malawi government and the importers are working hard to stabilize the fuel supply situation by finding sustainable fuel financing arrangements.

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