Nkhatabay police registered 14 percent crime rate decrease


An overview of Nkhatabay district crime rate indicates that the district has registered a 14% crime decrease in the third quarter of the year 2022 from July to September.

A review of crime wave in the district by Nkhatabay police station shows that crime rate has gone down from 211cases reported in the year 2021 to 180 cases this year same period as last year.

However, police has highlighted that this has been achieved due to the tireless efforts by police officers to turn the district into a crime free society through constant day and night patrols,close checking of surveillance men and involvment of community leaders, non-governmental organisation and other government departments.

The report also indicates that their marine unit is ensuring that the lake is safe for both locals and tourists by conducting frequent patrols along the lake shores and checking the vessels in terms of sea worth and carrying capacity.

Although there has been a 51% decrease in road accidents compared to last year, the station through traffic and community policing branches has vowed to put much effort in sensetizing people trading along the road side and safety pre-caution when using the road.

Despite the decrease in crime rate in the district, the Nkhata Bay police officer-incharge assistant commissioner of police Ireen Kamphamthengo expressed concern over increased suicide and murder cases.

Nkhata Bay police station in conjunction with the chiefs, NGO’s, religious leaders and some members of the community conducts review meetings every three months of the year where issues to end crime are discussed.

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