Traditional leaders implored to join fight against crime


Rumphi Police Officer In-charge Mr Pherson Nthenda, Assistant Commissioner of Police has appealed to traditional leaders to join police in the fight against crime in the district.

Speaking at Traditional Authority Mwalweni and Kachulu headquarters, the officer In-charge emphasized the importance for the leaders to work hand in hand with their subordinates and urged them to report all suspected criminal activities that may happen in the area.

Said Nthenda, “with help from you leaders, police can never struggle to track criminals from this area. And it’s our commitment to respond swiftly whenever communities àa assistance from law enforcers”

Nthenda described the engagement of leaders as an initiative undertaken by police to fight crime. He also assured members of the general community that a number of such meetings has been lined up.

The officer In-charge finally strongly encouraged the chiefs to always be available to render wisdom and support in eradicating all forms of gender based violence in their areas.

On their part chiefs hailed the initiative of engaging them, a thing which they said will help to win the battle against crime.

They also assured Police that they will enlighten their subordinates to refrain from taking laws into their hands as this may disrupt the evidence and indeed the criminal justice system.

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