Chakwera calls for tolerance via cultural diversity


President Lazarus Chakwera has underscored the need for Malawian to promote and preserve Culture as a precursor for the country to foster social economic development and unity.

The President said this on Saturday during the inaugural Karonga Chitipa cultural festival held at Mpande Hill in Karonga under the theme promoting unity, love, and respect for elderly and ending mob justice among the communities.

In his remarks Chakwera, said unity is the only way a nation can obtain meaningful development hence called for tolerance among different tribes in the country.

Adding that his administration is committed in championing co-existence among people of different cultures and ensuring that there is no favoritism in awarding government contracts and recruitment.

“The work of government is leading all Malawian in making a contribution to the cause of making Malawi better but this can only be achievd through national unity and preservation of culture,” he said.

Speaking earlier Paramount Chief Kyungu, bemoaned continued child marriages in the two districts and urged fellow Traditional Leaders to do more in stopping the malpractice.

“If we are to develop our two districts we must ensure that our youth today realize that they are the major human resource for development and key agents of social change and economic growth hence we must promote education,” said his royal highness.

He however asked Government for support in putting in place effective mechanisms that will help to end gender based violence and the promotion of girl child education.

On his part Karonga Chitipa Heritage Vice Chairperson Wantwa Mwahimba, commended the people of the two districts for honoring the ceremony saying the cultural festival has increased the strong bond, love and cultural values shared among the people of Karonga and Chitipa.

The function was characterized by different traditional dances, music, presentation of traditional foods and beverages and among notable guests who graced the event included Vice President Saolos Chilima, Cabinet Ministers, Paramounts Gomani V and Lundu and foreign Senior Chiefs from Zambia.

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