“Presidential National Address leaves alot of questions unanswered”- Nankhumwa


The Opposition Leader in the Parliament, Dr Kondwani Nankhumwa said the Address that was made by the state President, Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on Tuesday Night has left a lot of questions unanswered.

Chakwera was addressing the Nation on Tuesday about the issue of Affordable Inputs Programme where he resolved to fire the Minister of Agriculture, Lobin Lowe and his Deputy Madalisto Kambauwa Wirima for being incompetent in their Ministry.

In reaction to the Address, Nankhumwa who is also the leader of Democratic Progressive Party in the National Assembly said firing the two Honourable Ministers would not solve electricity and fuel woes in the country.

“My quick reaction is that the National address leaves a lot to he desired. It has left a lot of questions unanswered.

“While it was imperative to remove the two Honourable individuals and appointing Honourable Sam Kawale to manage the Agricultural portfolio, I had expected the President to take further steps to deal with the technical staff that connived with the former minister in the infamous K750 Million AIP scandal.

“I wish to inform the President that firing Honourable Lowe alone would not solve electricity and fuel woes this country is currently facing. It is not addressing the ADMARC issues, it is not going to bring food and water in our prisons.

“I wish to remind President Chakwera that a bag of maize, our staple, is selling at K22,000 and a bag of fertiliser is still at K70, 000, even after firing Honourable Lowe. A packet of sugar us now selling at K1.500 even after firing Honourable Lowe. What about shortage or essential drugs in our hospitals, the continuing nepotism, and unfair distribution of National cake?” Asked Nankhumwa.

He added that Malawians deserve more from the President apart from firing Lowe adding that it is unfortunate that Chakwera is scapegoating and heaping blame on others instead of taking responsibility as Head of State.

Nankhumwa said he is planning to Address the nation targeting comprehensively put across the position of the Opposition on the matters raised in the President’s National Address, among others.

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