Chakwera defend Govt not swindled K30bn


The State President, Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has dismissed the rumours that engulfed the Malawi that the government has been swindled K30 Billion Kwacha saying its a total lie.

Two weeks ago, The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Irrigation accused the Ministry of Agriculture of letting down the nation on food security by keeping keeping the lid tight on implementation status of this year’s Affordable Inputs Programme (AIP).

Food security and this year’s AIP, committee chairperson Sameer Suleman made the allegations that the government has lot K30 Billion on the fertilizer deal.

He said, “What we know is that K30 billion has gone missing. What we also know is that the country does not have a single bag of fertiliser yet.

“And when we question, unfortunately, the ministry has decided not to give any answers. So, we are left to speculate and believe the rumours that are coming out.”

Making his remarks on the issue during the National address delivered at the Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Tuesday Night, Dr Chakwera described it as false.

He added that it is understandable that the issue brought angry and fear to the Malwaians about whether the funds for Affordable Inputs Programme are still secured.

“It is a total false. The truth is that once these processes that we have initiated with the two authorities in the two countries are done, the USD725,000 that was paid illegally as an agency fee, will be recovered in full and the Treasury will issue a public notice to inform the nation on the same, ” said Chakwera.

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