Investigations on Human Rights stalled due to financial challenges


The financial challenges have forced the Malawi Human Rights Commission to stop some of the crucial investigations on the Human Rights Violation.

MHRC Executive Secretary Habiba Osman said as an Institution, they are failing to find the best way they could do to conduct all the investigations with minimal resources.

“The funding that we received was not enough for us to fulfill our mandate in safeguarding human rights. For MHRC to perform all its activities and serve the nation well, we need adequate funding. There have been many cases of human rights abuses recent one being Labour issues,” said Osman.

Speaking to to reporters Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation Executive Director, Micheal Kaiyatsa said Malawi Human Rights Commission must receive adequate funding for them to perform their duties.

“When MHRC fails to conduct investigations, it gives power to human rights abuse perpetrators to continue infringing on the rights of people knowing that nothing will happen to them. Therefore, Malawi being a signatory to different human rights declarations, it is of high importance that institutions like MHRC receive adequate funding for them to perform their constitutional duties,” said Kaiyatsa.

The Malawi Human Rights Commission were being allocated with K1.3 billion in the 2022-23 National Budget.

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