2022 International Day of the Girl commemoration


10 Years on as we commemorate the International Day of the Girl, 17-year-old Diana from Chambe Secondary School took over as TNM’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO) as part of 2022 International Day of the Girl commemoration. Diana took over the role of CFO after being oriented on various operations of the ICT company. In today’s world Digital literacy and digital penetration as well as online violence remain very relevant topics. Plan International Malawi used this opportunity to foster digital literacy and Diana’s experience taking over the CFO role at TNM played a critical role.

TNM’s CFO oriented Diana on his role in the company and Diana learnt that the CFO role involved overseeing the financing and investment decisions of the company. Diana later took over his office. Diana requested TNM to continue to channel resources to promote girl’s education.

“I am really excited to have come to TNM today. Walking through the various departments, seeing women in the different offices has exposed me to careers that I didn’t know existed. I feel like I have several career paths I can choose from and finally taking over as the CFO has made me believe in myself more. I am thankful to Plan International Malawi and TNM Plc,” said Diana.
TNM gave each of the 3 girls who participated in the takeover a Venus F6 phone and K10,000 worth of airtime.

We at Plan international Malawi deeply appreciate the role that the Telecom companies play in promoting digital literacy.

Source: Plan International

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