TEVETA dares journalists on vocational skills coverage


Technical Entrepreneurial Vocational and Education Training Authority (TEVETA) Executive Director Elwin Chiwembu Sichiola has challenged the media to champion articles on skills development as one way of promoting employment among youths in the country.

The call was made Friday in Mzuzu during an interactive session with Nyika Media Club that the Authority had which among others was aimed at bringing together journalists across the Region in order to gain insightful knowledge about TEVETA and their newly rolled out Skills for a Vibrant Economy (SAVE) project with support from the World Bank.

In an interview Chiwembu Sichiola, said as Malawi looks to become a middle income country by 2063 it is vital that youths are empowered as it is key to unlocking the economic potential of Malawi,
Saying, due to their outreach through various platforms the media can play a big role in unear thing success stories from students who had undertaken the vocational skills development and were making a difference in their communities.

“As TEVETA we understand and appreciate the important role the media plays in educating and informing the masses hence our interaction with journalists as we realize the media’s importance in this SAVE project as if it is to be successful the masses must know about it thus journalists will play a big role in ensuring the success as this is the biggest project undertaken by the TEVETA sector,” he said.

In his remarks Nyika Media Club Chairperson Joseph Mwale, Commended TEVETA in its drive to end youth unemployment in the country and for partnering up with the club.

“As Nyika our membership is spread across all districts in the region so our members are well placed to promote innovations that are happening in these districts through TEVETA lead programs hence we are thankful to TEVETA for enlightening us on their operations and the SAVE project,” he explained.

Never the less wale, challenged fellow Journalists to broaden their horizon by embracing vocational skills development in their news coverage as one way of promoting the sector among others.

Established in 1999 TEVETA currently has an enrollment of about 4000 students in various technical colleges across the country.

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