Mzuzu Prison Girls secondary school shines in 2022 JCE results


After just five years since its establishment, Mzuzu Prison Girls Secondary School has started showing the signs that they might be one of the most trusted schools in Malawi.

In the just releases Junior Certificate of Examinations Results, the school has registered a pass rate of 83.3 per cent, a performance that prompts people to start applausing the teachers and the directors of the school.

16 girls sat for the Examinations but only 2 failed to make it as 14 of them have passed.

Ironically, the staff teachers working at the institution as facing many challenges and according to the information that has been gathered, show that the enrollment of Students at the school this year may rise due to the performance.

This year’s Examinations Results see 73.07 per cent of candidates who sat for the Examinations making it. A total of 154,495 candidates sat for Examinations with 77, 484 being females while 77,011 were males.

Out of 77,484 female candidates who sat for the Examinations, 56,056 have made it, representing 68.047 per cent while 59, 841 of 77,011 Male Candidates who sat for Examinations have passed representing 77.70 per cent passing rate.

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