FND asks ACB to investigate Money Laundering allegations against Pastor Chakwera


The Forum for National Development has asked the Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate the allegations that they have received and also making rounds in Social media platforms linking the son of President Chakwera, Pastor Nick Chakwera to certain business transactions.

According to the letter addressed to the Anti-Corruption Bureau high office signed by the National Coordinator for Forum for National Development Fryson Chodzi, the allegations around Chakwera if true are serious and they believe that it would be in the public interest for the ACB to act and clear him of any wrong doing if necessary.

Forum for National Development say in Malawi, most Corruption and theft allegations are around the Presidency and its worrisome hence calling for imperative ACB to conduct lifestyle audit around the Presidency and their families to ensure that the people around the Presidency are beyond reproach.

The letter says it is alleged that Chakwera has a stone crasher planted around Nanthenje area in Lilongwe with an estimated value of around US1 Million which is about MK1.1 Billion which was brought by one of the construction companies in the country who has won major roads and infrastructure projects purportedly as a kick back for his influence in the awarding of the contracts to the company.

The adds that Chakwera has bought off the counter pharmacy in Blantyre amounting to K750 Million and has also acquired Maula Pharmacy in Lilongwe at the price of K1 billion.

“In these two transactions, it is alleged that both pharmacies have been bought with cash. However, there are rumours that both pharmacies have been deliberately undervalued so as to portray a picture that they have been bought cheap.

“We are cognizant of the fact that Chakwera indicated during am interview wigj Times that he has got some business interests but could not disclose, however, with the allegations flying around, it is critical that he must come out clean and disclose the nature of the businesses he is carrying out,” reads part of the letter.

The Forum has, since urged the Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate the son of President especially where it is alleged that he is obtaining favors owing to that fact that he is a son of the President and he is exploiting that.

They say that Chakwera need to ascertain the source of the funds that he used to buy the two pharmacies and the stone crasher to demonstrate that he is not acquiring the money illegally.

“If indeed the purchases of pharmacies and the stone crushers are true, then Chakwera must also produce the invoice and evidences of the purchase through the banks, otherwise, any cash purchase of that magnitude would he considered money laundering,” adds the letter.

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